imperial structured settlements

about the financial security behind
structured settlements if you have an
existing structured settlement or you’re
considering one or you’re a lawyer for
someone who’s considering a structured
settlement it’s only natural and view of
the current economic environment and
perhaps if you are have been reading
stuff and national underwriter elsewhere
regarding the only situation I can
understand why you might have some
questions about the financial security
of structured settlements well let’s
talk about it structured settlements are
issued primarily by life insurance
companies while you can do a United
States Treasury bond funded structured
settlement I would like to address the
issue related to insurance companies now
I am best recently observed in relation
to the Life Insurance Center see the
following and I’m going to read it to
it says defining a host of economic
challenges financial impairments and the
life insurance segment have appeared to
reach the lowest point in half a century
in terms of number and frequency in 2011
now I happen to be a baby boomer and in
1962 I was probably still wearing
diapers as many of you you out there
probably were as well so if you’ve got
children that are considering a long
term structured settlement you should
you know take that into account that
we’re at a point that am best a
well-respected third party has observed
that this is the lowest point in terms
of frequency of impairments in over 50
years the companies that issue or have
issued structured settlements for the
most part are some of the largest and
largest and longest operating life
insurance companies in the United States
for example in terms of admitted assets
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Prudential of America Group Manulife
Financial which includes John Hancock
life insurance company and life
insurance company of New York and menu
life also used to issue structured
settlements in the United States no
longer does but issues structured
settlements in Canada the SunAmerica
Financial Group which incorporates
American General Life Insurance Company
Valek or variable annuity Life Assurance
Company which for a brief time wrote
structured settlements in New York and
United States life insurance company in
the city of New York which currently
writes structured settlement as well as
Western National New York Life Hartford
life that is a former structured
settlement annuity issuer in life in USA
Life Group a gun these are the top ten
insurance companies in the United States
in terms of assets and best at a really
nice job of recognizing what the
challenges were for the life insurance
industry in the current economic
environment but one of the things that
they did say that I think is fairly
meaningful and might be meaningful to
the people that are watching this
particular video is that it says as the
recent financial crisis has demonstrated
secure rated insurance companies have
the capital to withstand a reasonable
amount of investment losses so when you
think about doing a structured
settlement or life insurance or
long-term care basically what you’re
looking for so you know setting aside
all the product features and the other
tailoring you’re looking for the
security and comfort of knowing that
this company is going to be there to
stand the test of time we don’t know
what’s gonna exactly what’s going to
happen in the future
but one of the things we can say with
certainty is that many of the companies
offering structured settlements have
been in existence for over 150 years for
example New York Life which is a current
annuity issuer and MassMutual which is a
former annuity structured settlement
annuity issuer in John Hancock life
which is a current annuity issuer these
companies have been around since before
the Civil War now how long ago is that
President Lincoln was president okay how
many presidents have there been since
then you’ve got MetLife 1868 Pacific
Life 1868 prudential 1875 Transamerica
former annuity issuer 1906
Liberty Mutual the sinking of the
Lusitania 1912
we’ve got United States Life Insurance
Company in the city of New York which is
the American general or may I geez
New York subsidiary has been around
since 1919
all state was founded in the Great
Depression in 1931 if you think about
what has happened since 1845 that New
York life is seen and it still has top
ratings from all the rating agencies if
you look at what MetLife has done and
seen if you look like with these other
companies have done and seen these are
companies that are issuing structured
settlement annuities today
here and now if you already have an
existing structured settlement some of
these companies that you may have an
existing structured settlement such as
mass mutual or Transamerica these
companies have been around for well over
a hundred years and you know while it’s
certainly good to to stay on top of
things and we certainly do you should
not throw out the baby with the
bathwater you’ve got a good financial
instrument and these companies have
stood the test in fact stood the test of
thank you I’m John Dara and have a great