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Hyrell Online Hiring Systems

let’s be honest sorting through stacksof resumes can ruin anyone’s day it’seven worse when you realize how manycompletely unqualified people you haveto look at before you find someone withthe right set of skills for your jobthat’s where we come in we’re high reland we believe there’s a better way tohire so you’ve decided it’s time to makea new hire it’s off to the Internet yougo you write up a description post it toa job board and watch your inbox startto fill up with resumes week later youskim through what seems to be atruckload of applicants made no realprogress then your inbox continues tooverflow with totally unqualifiedcandidates you choose a few that mightwork in needing to fill the positionquickly you hire that one that standsout the mostall while knowing there are plenty ofresumes you still haven’t even looked atand you still have to go back andrespond to all those other applicantsnow imagine logging into your customizedonline hiring system from high realm youquickly select the position you need tofill from a pre-built library set thehiring criteria and tell the worldyou’re ready to hire a superstar Tyrelautomatically posts your job on localand national hiring sites and directsthe responses to your online setterlet’s take a look at what yourapplicants Eze we lay out all thenecessary info right up front job infodescription requirements and benefitsthis is where most processes stop theyjust ask you to upload a resume and waitwith high Ralph if the applicant isstill interested they begin to apply foryour job with a series of questions allof which you set and to identify the topcandidates based on your requiredskillsetsthey answer a few more questions butprovide some personal information reviewtheir responses and apply for the jobinstantly your applicant gets an emailconfirming their submission and settingthe expectations for communication goingforward and your inbox remains clutterfree back to your admin screen andyou’ll see the new applicantyou’ll also notice they’re alreadyscored based on the responses to yourquestions from here you can take a moredetailed look at your top prospectsincluding reading their personalresponses to your questions and viewingtheir resume after reviewing you settheir status accordingly and yourapplicant is notified via email keepingthem in the loop as the process movesforward now that you found someindividuals you really like you select afew you want to interview when youselect candidates to interview you’reable to set your available time slotsand let them choose the slot that worksbest for them all without the typicalemail chains and phone tagsimultaneously you can email theirreferences for feedback and save theresponses right in the applicant file noextra emails to track and store you’renow ready to hire that one superstar andyou’ve been able to keep the processsimple organized and efficient all theapplicants info is stored in one placeso you can reach out and make yourformal offer one last step click thehire button and the other applicants arenotified that the position has been