applicant tracking system

Understanding an Applicant Tracking System

to understand the hiring process it’simportant to understand all thetechnology being used by job boards andhiring companies most people incorrectlyassume that people are still readingresumes while just a few years ago about70% of hiring companies were usingapplicant tracking systems to manageapplicants now almost all companies andjob boards like Monster Careerbuilderindeed and others are using resumefiltering technology and applicanttracking systems the proliferation ofthis technology has been driven by thevolume of applicants to each job and theneed to search for applicants based onspecific criteria for each job it’sprobably worth noting at this point evenif you network your way into a companyyour resume will be put into anapplicant tracking system this isbecause companies are governed by EqualEmployment Opportunity laws to preventdiscrimination and other unfair hiringpractices in most companies hiringmanagers are no longer allowed to acceptemail or physical resumes without atfirst being submitted to the applicanttracking software so referrals socialmedia and LinkedIn all are subject tothe applicant tracking system as welllet’s look at an applicant trackingsystem to understand how yourapplication makes its way to the hiringmanager first you see a job posting on ajob board or corporate career websiteyou submit your application the firstthing to happen is your resume is parsedinto its components so the applicanttracking system can show all applicantsin the same format here’s a resume in anapplicant tracking system as you can seethis is not in Microsoft Word or PDFinstead it is in the applicant trackingsystem for your resume to get into theapplicant tracking system it needs to beformatted in a particular wayunfortunately over 70% of resumescontain some formatting error when beingput into an applicant tracking systemthis is why prep tell shows you how toformat your resume so that you know itwill be seen properly next applicanttracking systems are designed tostreamline the hiring process applicanttracking systems use technology to rateand rank candidates to each job to dothis a recruiter just needs to clickthis button to identify the topapplicants for this job in the past therecruiter would have to view each resumeand assess each one to determine if itwas a good match now technology doesthis step reducing the time and effortso recruiters can do other taskswhat jobseekers need to understand isthat your resume needs to be at the topof the ranking otherwise you will not beconsidered for an interview let me givean example I have here a top candidatefrom Harvard Medical School who workedat Harvard Medical for the past fiveyears this person is going to apply fora similar job at a major pharmaceuticalcompany this person has a top degree andhas more work experience in thisspecific field than required by the jobposting you might think this personsurely would be reviewed for aninterview however when we submitted thisperson’s resume they ranked low on thelist with only a 48% relevance rating noone was ever going to see their resumethe reason for their poor ranking isthat they didn’t realize how theirresume was being ranked this is whereprep tel helps candidates for each job aset of unique keywords are required toget a top ranking prep tel identifiesthese keywords so every resume submittedis ranked at the top of the candidatelist let’s go back to our HarvardGraduate candidate in reviewing ourcandidate’s resume we see 20 keywordsare missing and he has a weak ratingafter adding these 20 phrases to theperson’s resume prep tell now rates thiscandidate is very strong now let’s goback and submit this candidate to thejob only this time we will change theirname from Gregg common to Greggoptimized so that we can see thedifference presto we are now at the topof the candidate list with 100% match tothe job now the recruiter will send myresume to the hiring manager for reviewthis concludes this video thank you forusing prep tell