applicant tracking system

Free Applicant Tracking System

good morning ladies and gentlemen
Demitra Davidoff I’m Beatrix 24 chief
marketing officer and today I will be
talking about using Beatrix 24 as an
applicant tracking system this is
actually one of the most common
scenarios for Beatrix 24 because you
know CRM is basically dead abased in
applicant tracking system is a database
as well our CRM really doesn’t care if
you’re working with clients or prospects
or job seekers you can set it up for a
number of purposes we have a lot of
people who use Beatrix 24 Realtors who
use it to sell real estate and we have a
number of headhunting agencies that use
Beatrix 24 CRM as well and this is the
basic set up so I’m going to set up my
resume funnel this is very easy to do I
can add a new stage if I want to I can
change color I can delete any stage that
I do not need and this is my basic setup
so I’m going to have incoming resumes
and then I’m going to screen them just
to get rid of applications that are
obviously not going to work and then I
have my first interview final interview
offer accepted and then this that’s how
the way that’s the way it works in my
company we do maintain your resume pool
of eligible people who we were not able
to offer a job but who we believe will
be great candidates in the future so
this is the setup and again you can
create as many stages as you want to now
the question is how do new resumes come
in obviously you can add new leads
if you want to but this is probably not
what you want to do the two most common
scenarios and beatrix 24 supports both
on the free plan is automatically
creating a lead when an email sent to an
civic email address for your instance is
going to be vacancies at my company comm
or HR at my company that come so any
email sent to that address including
attachments will automatically create a
new record then you will receive
notification that you’ve received a new
application you will pre-screen it and
you know move each lead down this stage
of that stage so that’s one common
another common scenario is submission
via a form and of course in beatrix 24
we give you free forms as well I’ve
created a sample applicant tracking form
right here where I can submit resume I
can attach resume here I can submit
application desired position this is all
fully customizable and you know once I
do that let me just show you how it
works once I do that a submission is
automatically created right here if I go
to leads this is the first indeed I not
okay maybe that’s because I’ve already
had a person with this name submitted
let me
I received the notification and yes
that’s the submission that I have
received the the first time it didn’t
create because I already had this person
with the same name so it automatically
merged the second record I’m sorry for
confusing you anyway so this is how it
works you can add applicant manually you
can add it automatically when you
receive an email to a specific email
address or you can automatically add
resume to your database applicant to
database via web form and those web
forms are entirely embeddable you can
embed them in your sites that’s
available to you absolutely free of
charge what is so cool about
beatrix 24 that other applicant tracking
systems do not offer obviously right
from the CRM I can send this person
email address excuse me in email
messages and the system will collect all
emails in one place I will have the
entire history of email communications
with that person stored right here this
is extraordinary convenient if you have
a large HR department or several
recruiters a single glance you will be
able to study the history of previous
communications you can send text
messages that’s obviously a very good
idea as well and I can make calls and
the very cool thing about beatrix 24
phone calls is that you are able to
record those calls and the recording of
those calls are stored here as well as
mp3 file so when you do a job interview
the first interview or the second
usually one person participates in an
interview the other people from your
hiring committee if they have applicable
writes for CRM access they will be able
to go
inside the record and they will be able
to listen to the mp3 files so that’s
pretty cool
very convenient when the entire history
of all communications is stored in one
place let me talk about several features
that are available to you as a
commercial user and this is under
automate automate rules starting with
$39 a month I click configure automation
rules and I can for every single stage I
can add triggers and rules so for
example I can automatically send an
email that will say if there is an
incoming in submission an email will say
thank you very much for applying for
this position you will hear from us
shortly also I can set a stage like
let’s say I have this stage called
I can send automatic decline emails when
I when I move the applicant from one
column into another so I can send an
email sorry you were rejected and when I
save when I move let’s say Taisha from
here to here an email will automatically
go so that’s very cool we have a number
of other rules available to you as well
for example I can send text messages